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Lightfry is a revolutionary concept for deep-frying with hot air instead of traditional oil, offering an incredible number of advantages. It´s a much healthier cooking process, safer for your staff, and much more environmentally friendly – creating a fantastic end result that even tastes better than traditional frying, making the cooking process and technology a clear winner.

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LightFry is constantly working on product development, refining cooking techniques with new raw materials and monitoring and following up on installations. An important part in our work is to spread the understanding of the technology and build The LightFry brand. Our greatest joy is when our customers succeed with their investment and achieve a fantastic result both in terms of financial savings and improved production and working environment.

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All the negatives with oil frying will become benefits when using Air Frying technology. Traditional frying involves high costs, poor working environment and major risks. Oil frying requires grease traps, expensive air-conditioning. Furthermore, the oil mist from oil frying increases the risk of falling in the kitchen due to slippery floors. Obviously without oil frying and the oil mist the time consuming cleaning of the premises will be so much easier.  Hot oil is also a risk and extremely flammable.


With our LightFry and Air Fry Technology we offer the market an oven that fries in a 100% oil-free process. This changes the conditions for everyone. Read more about all the benefits:

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LightFry is located in the western part of Sweden, more specifically in the entrepreneurial city of Borås. Only 25 minutes from the nearest international airport, with good connections to and from the airport.


This is the location of our production plant and development center.

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