May 6th  2024:
Welcome OKQ8 in Lekeberga, Sweden as a Lightfry user and customer. As being a gas station and convenience store in a smaller community is like being in the middle of universe. You’re the center of the community and you’re the go to place if you need something. It’s also a place where people meet and eat! Now can the people around Lekeberga enjoy delicious air fried food from the Lightfry unit. Capacity to process enough food and fast to the gas stations clients is secured. This in a healthier and better way and very much sustainable. Lightfry Cooking System with Air Fry Technology uses  no oil when replicating oil frying! Do you want to go sustainable and save money as well? Call your dealer today!

Recap from HOST-show in Milan, Italy

The HOST Show, in Milan – Italy, is the go-to fair for any kind of restaurant equipment as well as the absolute leader in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering, the HoReCa business.
This edition, the 43rd of the HOST Show had more than 2,000 exhibitors from 50 countries occupied almost the entire and very extensive exhibition area with a center street connecting all halls with a length of almost 2 km. More than 180.000 professional visitors, including the international exhibitors adds up to a total of 166 countries that did meet up for new business opportunities. Many see this as a great opportunity to do ‘world-to-world’ business. The HOST Show is truly an arena for global business.
As an exhibitor at the HOST Show Eatgood Sweden AB as a company continues an unforgettable journey towards Healthier and Better food for the mass markets with Lightfry and Air Fry Technology for commercial use. Our booth was a very vibrant one with activities attracting a diverse and enthusiastic audience showing an increased level of interest of Lightfry equipment and Air Fry Technology in general. Visitors from various corners of the world stopped by in the Lightfry booth and their curiosity was triggered by the prospects of commercial air frying. The event gave us the perfect stage to showcase our Lightfry Cooking System, providing technical insights and to demonstrate the Lightfry unit, our commercial air fryer and its capabilities coming to width and versatility regarding cooking many different food produce from fresh to frozen, from veggies to meat. Visitors not only learned about our technology but also indulged in food tasting sessions, relishing the delightful samples prepared using Lightfry.
Eatgood Sweden made the 4th HOST Show, first one in 2017, and we can really see the difference in attitude and interest of the Lightfry Cooking System and Air Fry Technology in general. Having end users, restaurant owners, chefs and distributors of restaurant equipment telling us where the market is going, when it comes to fried food, and that is towards commercial air frying and Lightfry. That’s a significant shift in the market which is really a huge step forward.
 The HOST Show was very positive for Lightfry. We are coming back from the show with a lot of opportunities. Our presence generated a significant amount of interest and business opportunities. We left the event with hundreds of leads to follow up on, a clear indicator that underscores the market’s interest and potential in commercial air frying for restaurants, commercial and professional kitchens.
Lightfry’s commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in the commercial air frying market is unwavering. The reception at the HOST Show 2023 continued to affirm our strong belief in the potential of the Lightfry product range in the global market and the interest it generates.
October 1st 30th 2023:
On October 13th – 17th Lightfry will be exhibiting at the HOST show in Milan. One of the largest and most important shows in the business with more than 400.000 visitors for the HRC and hospitality business.
Come to our stand in Hall 4 – F04 and visit the world of Air Fry Technology and the Lightfry Cooking System.  With our largest stand so far at HOST we will present the full range of products as well as cooking a veriaty of different food products from fresh to frozen to trigger your imagination and creativity. Lightfry is a versatile piece of equipment as substitute for an oil fryer but more than that it’s a great tool for fresh vegetable products to steam cook, grill and roast with amazing flavor, texture, color in high speed. 
Come visit the Lightfry stand and get to know much more – welcome!

August 30th 2023:
Energy savings of approx 40%, no cost of oil and lower cost for cleaning of extraction system
Significant energy savings of approx 40% less has been one of the very positive results by using Lightfry says, one of the owners Mattias Johansson from Blessburgers. Lightfry has been running in Blessburgers operation for more than three years. Lightfry is taking care of mainly French fries which is the main volume product. But with the four Lightfry units they are also cooking chicken wings, chicken nuggets, fish burger, mozzarella sticks, chilli cheese, spicy onion rings and sweet potato fries. With increasing cost of energy it’s great to use energy efficient and self cleaning equipment. “Cost reductions from reduced energy consumption, no cost of oil and lower cost of maintenance of the extraction system are all very welcome in these times with increases of prices on most everything. On top of this we’re very happy that our customers really appreciate the Air Fried food” – says Mattias Johansson. 

29th of April 2023:
Lightfry was in focus during a full day of TV production, for Channel 4 in the UK, regarding and for a documentary about Air Fryers and the tremendous boom of the use of domestic Air Fryers. But what is happening on the commercial side with Air Fryers and Air Frying for restaurants? This is where Lightfry – the commercial air fryer is coming in the picture. A lot of focus was on how the Lightfry unit is working in the restaurant kitchen, quality and taste as well as of a blind testing of French fries fried in oil versus air fried French fries from the Lightfry unit. A full day of filming from 9.00 in the morning until 18.00 in the evening. A long and interesting day with a view from behind the cameras. This Documentary will be preliminary on TV, Channel 4, in the end of June.


April 6th 2023
On Monday April 10th the doors will open up to the RC Show Canada in Toronto. It’s the largest restaurant equipment show and the most important one for the industry. During the three days from April 10th – 12th when the RC show is open we do invite you to come and see Lightfry – the Commercial Air Fryer in TFI’s stand number 2727.
This will be the great launch and kick off for Lightfry and TFI when Lightfry can excel and show what it can do for you and your business. Weather you’re looking to reduce cost by not frying in oil, reducing energy cost, serve healthier and better food or simply want to make your business more sustainable. Let TFI’s team show you how the Lightfry can replicate oil frying as well as roasting, grilling, steam cooking and drying food products to perfection. Welcome all to the RC Show and the stand number 2727.
23rd of  February 2023:
TFI Canada and their tech leader team has now been in Sweden, Borås for technical training for three days February 21st to 23rd. Having Brian and Matt here is a very important step for starting up the Canadian market with sales and delivery of Lightfry units to the users. To have the whole organization ready for the task from selling to installation, training, service and repair of the sold equipment is extremely important for a great launch of the Lightfry product range in Canada. We’re looking forward to the big launch of Lightfry in the Canadian market during the RC show in Toronto on April 10th – 12th. Thank you very much TFI Canada for letting us have  Matt Davis and Brian Charabaruk for the 3-day technical training. We’re happy to award you both with the diploma, after completion of the “Lightfry Service & Technology Training Progam”
 16:th of January 2023:
Welcome to the LightfryUSA booth #2439 at the NAFEM show Orlando. The NAFEM show is finally back in Orlando, this year, after a long time. The show starts on February 1st – 3rd and you will find Lightfry equipment in the booth #2439 hosted by Lightfry USA, LLC. Timing is perfect to show the market the potential of the Lightfry unit in a market with high cost for vegetable oils as well as for electricity. We do welcome all clients and distributors who are looking to secure their ongoing business with a healthier and more cost effective solution when it comes to replicate oil frying and much more. Come to the booth #2439 to experience Air Fry Technology and get to now all the benefits that comes with the Lightfry product range, now also with the ventless solution.
14:th of December 2022:
We’re very glad to welcome Voyabex Food Service Solution as  distributor for Lightfry in South Africa. With their activities in the South African market for more than 30 years we do look forward to a great cooperation. Voyabex does sell restaurant equipment as well as producing their own products such as bakery ovens, tables, counters, fridge counters etc. The Lightfry unit will fit in their business with a lot of customers in the fastfood and convenience-segment as well as in regular restaurants. The cooperation between Capital Connect and Voyabex is a great one where Capital Connect as a financing partner markets Lightfry – The Commercial Air Fryer to their customer base of 60.000 customers via mobile phone. We’re looking forward to long and successful business together with Voyabex.
12:th of October 2022:
For Lightfry sustainability and sustainability work, to protect our environment, is a top priority. If we can help to significantly reduce energy consumption and optimize the use of natural resources such as the extraction of plant-based oil and reduce deforestation for oil production – we can make a significant contribution to a better world. Contributing to the well being of Mother Earth and public health is a matter of necessity. Read more about our technology.
8:th of June 2022:
Thank you Cuisinequip for your visit to our facilities in Borås for a three days session about Lightfry, Air Fry Technology
and most important the discussion about the market and how to use the situation of high vegetable oil prices to increase
sales of Lightfry units in the UK market. It’s great to have the possibility to learn more about different markets, sharing what is onsidered as important from one market to another as well as from Eatgoods side, being able to share information from markets around the world. The depth and width of information regarding trends, products being processed, what triggers sales and business in other regions and markets lays a foundation for progress and new sales activities.
There’s only one way – forward and upwards!

7:th of June 2022:

A new food concept starts up in Sweden – Eatbox, food where the customer is, when they are hungry!

Eatbox has created a new concept with small units (boxes/houses) where fast food is prepared such as Pizza, Salad and Fingerfood. The food is ordered via a mobile phone/app and is prepared directly and picked up from the EatBox via a hatch. The concept is also based on keeping the investment down and here LightFry also helps as we can avoid investing in fire extinguishers and grease traps.

But to achieve this, we also need good logistics inside the trolley. LightFry helps us with this, as we don’t have to watch the cooking process, but receive a signal when it’s ready.

Open when you’re hungry, and placed in locations in areas near you so it can be easily both ordered and picked up – always freshly cooked.

EatBox is another of the many companies that have discovered the benefits of our  LightFry

Air is the new oil – better, safer and, above all, healthier.


25:th of may 2022:

Eatgood – New distributor for Lightfry in South Africa, Macadams in Cape Town

Eatgood has gained a distributor for the South African market based in Cape Town, Macadams, Macadams is already a supplier to many players in the food industry including several major chains. Macadams has a operations with a national coverage in South Africa that includes sales, service, support and repairs. 




17:th of may 2022:

The LightFry has landed in Cape Town, South Africa. The interest in our devices has exploded as the price of cooking oil skyrockets. Here we will meet several interesting companies and give demonstrations and lectures on the benefits of our machines.


10:th of may 2022:

The price for vegetable oils has increased constantly in the last two years and especially during the start of 2022. Price increases of up to 200% or more, obviously affect the price of fried food products.
But there is a solution! Use LightFry – a commercial air fryer – that air fries food completely without oil.
Read more about how our solution helps you not only to reduce the cost of the oil you purchase, but also contributes to an easier and more safe operation and a cleaner working environment.
The fact that it’s also beneficial for consumers goes without saying, by serving healthier food with more taste.
Ps. Not only can the Lightfry unit replicate oil frying it can also steam cook, dry, roast and grill!
Call us now or send an e-mail and we will reach out to you!


15:th of march 2022:
Lightfry has a new distributor in Portugal. We welcome TecPrestige and wish them all the luck and success with the new partnership.


15:th of march 2022:
We have cooked fresh cod in our Lightfry unit. The only preparation we did was to dust the fish with flour and brush the fish with vegetable oil. The result was fantastic. The customer and we were overjoyed by the incredible result. YES, we also air fried fried fresh squid with the same brilliant result!