8:th of June 2022:
Thank you Cuisinequip for your visit to our facilities in Borås for a three days session about Lightfry, Air Fry Technology
and most important the discussion about the market and how to use the situation of high vegetable oil prices to increase
sales of Lightfry units in the UK market. It’s great to have the possibility to learn more about different markets, sharing what is onsidered as important from one market to another as well as from Eatgoods side, being able to share information from markets around the world. The depth and width of information regarding trends, products being processed, what triggers sales and business in other regions and markets lays a foundation for progress and new sales activities.
There’s only one way – forward and upwards!

7:th of June 2022:

A new food concept starts up in Sweden – Eatbox, food where the customer is, when they are hungry!

Eatbox has created a new concept with small units (boxes/houses) where fast food is prepared such as Pizza, Salad and Fingerfood. The food is ordered via a mobile phone/app and is prepared directly and picked up from the EatBox via a hatch. The concept is also based on keeping the investment down and here LightFry also helps as we can avoid investing in fire extinguishers and grease traps.

But to achieve this, we also need good logistics inside the trolley. LightFry helps us with this, as we don’t have to watch the cooking process, but receive a signal when it’s ready.

Open when you’re hungry, and placed in locations in areas near you so it can be easily both ordered and picked up – always freshly cooked.

EatBox is another of the many companies that have discovered the benefits of our  LightFry

Air is the new oil – better, safer and, above all, healthier.


25:th of may 2022:

Eatgood – New distributor for Lightfry in South Africa, Macadams in Cape Town

Eatgood has gained a distributor for the South African market based in Cape Town, Macadams, www.macadams.co.za. Macadams is already a supplier to many players in the food industry including several major chains. Macadams has a operations with a national coverage in South Africa that includes sales, service, support and repairs. 




17:th of may 2022:

The LightFry has landed in Cape Town, South Africa. The interest in our devices has exploded as the price of cooking oil skyrockets. Here we will meet several interesting companies and give demonstrations and lectures on the benefits of our machines.


10:th of may 2022:

The price for vegetable oils has increased constantly in the last two years and especially during the start of 2022. Price increases of up to 200% or more, obviously affect the price of fried food products.
But there is a solution! Use LightFry – a commercial air fryer – that air fries food completely without oil.
Read more about how our solution helps you not only to reduce the cost of the oil you purchase, but also contributes to an easier and more safe operation and a cleaner working environment.
The fact that it’s also beneficial for consumers goes without saying, by serving healthier food with more taste.
Ps. Not only can the Lightfry unit replicate oil frying it can also steam cook, dry, roast and grill!
Call us now or send an e-mail and we will reach out to you!


15:th of march 2022:
Lightfry has a new distributor in Portugal. We welcome TecPrestige and wish them all the luck and success with the new partnership.


15:th of march 2022:
We have cooked fresh cod in our Lightfry unit. The only preparation we did was to dust the fish with flour and brush the fish with vegetable oil. The result was fantastic. The customer and we were overjoyed by the incredible result. YES, we also air fried fried fresh squid with the same brilliant result!