LF Standard vent

Ventilation hood. The steam and oil mist is easily lead away with our standard hood, which is connected to a duct fan. The hood has a 100mm hole center top. Integrated airfilter.

LF Ventless hood

LightFry ventless hood. Lightfry is based on Air Fry Technology, which means no oil mist. The only thing that exists is frying smell and steam from cooking, which can be filtered away. With a stand alone hood you can air fry wherever you want. This gives everyone the opportunity to fry, steam cook, grill, roast and dry your food items of choice.

LF Extra Accessories

Drip tray collector including drainpipe


LF Freezer cabinet|table

Freezer cabinet!

When Adande developed their patented ‘Hold the Cold’ technology, it was the first significant innovation in refrigeration for over 70 years.
Adandes are not the same as other drawer units; they’re not the same as door operated ones either.
You can’t compare a combi-oven with a standard oven, nor can you compare an Adande with any traditionally made unit.

LF Food Warmer

Food Warmer!