No cost of oil

When we cook food products in the LightFry unit we don’t add any oil. The oil prices are higher than ever and come with other costs such as transport and removal of the oil. 


LightFry contributes to reducing the deforestation of rainforests to produce palm oil. Since we don’t have to transport the oil, we don’t have to worry about transport emissions. Nor do we contribute to the removal and disposal of the waste oil.


Deep fat fried food is a contributing factor to obesity and various associated diseases. With LightFry you can still enjoy your favorite food with less impact on your health. Air fried French fries contain 40-60% less calories than oil fried French fries and up to 100% less oil.. 


You are able to program up to 30 menu items in the LightFry device, each program having specific settings for the item on the menu. This means that each batch performs the same and gives us a fantastic result every time.


Lower investment cost upon installation

you plan on installing the LightFry unit where there is no built-in exhaust hood ,we provide two solutions. The first solution is we have a standard hood which is connected to the duct fan system. the second would be a ventless hood system which can be placed anywhere. This way you can fry food with lower investment costs or add frying capacity without having space under the extraction hood. 


Save staff labor and time

Staff can do other tasks while frying. After you have loaded a batch into the basket and started the cooking program your hands are free to do other tasks. LightFry cooks the food without any supervision from the staff. 

No recovery time between batches

The cooking is done in a closed oven compartment to preserve the temperature, this means that there are no recovery time in-between batches. 


It is possible to reheat the products after cooking them. For example, if you know that the restaurant will be busy at lunchtime, you can cook the products and set them aside, then heat up portions for 30-45 seconds. This way you can serve fresh and tasty food to a busy restaurant.

Automatic cleaning

You also save staff costs when it comes to cleaning, LightFry has an automated integrated wash system. You can leave the restaurant and the machine will be 98% clean once the cleaning cycle is finished. (e.g. after opening hours)

Less risk - better working environment

There is a big risk of fire when handling hot oil, oil can set fire on itself. With the LightFry unit we avoid this risk. Since there is no oil, you avoid the oil mist and slippery floors. When you have an oil fryer the floors get very slippery and can cause injuries if you fall. If you get rid of the oil fryers you also avoid the risk of burning yourself with hot oil.

Energy consumption savings

Up to 50% lower energy consumption. If you cook constantly for one hour the energy consumption is 9,5kW in the LightFry unit. The standby energy consumption in the LightFry is 1kW/hour, which is much lower than the deep fat fryer.

No Emissions

The steam that comes out from LightFry is easily lead away with our standard hood, or ventless hood our by the preinstalled extractor hood. Since we do not use oil in the cooking process, we do not create any oil mist or other emissions that affect the environment/surroundings.