Start using your new LightFry
Commercial Airfryer the right way!

We know that you might be excited to try cooking all of the products on your menu but our recommendation is to start with fewer products. When you feel comfortable and happy with the results of 2-4 products, you can later add on new food products with specific cooking settings.

The cooking settings are specific to each product depending on the size, density, breading, how much water the product contains etc. therefore it is important not to mix products when cooking. We want you to achieve consistent results every time!

LightFry can cook most things that go into an oil fryer, but some products are not appropriate to add in the LightFry basket. Frying batter in liquid form is one of the things that you should not place in the unit, the batter would stick and smear all over. We normally say that frozen products perform better than fresh products when we talk about food that normally goes into an oil fryer. 

If you are planning to cook a product with frying batter you will need to freeze the pieces individually. Fresh chicken will stick to the basket before getting a crispy surface, meanwhile frozen chicken creates a surface and can encapsulate the moisture and have an outcome of a juicy chicken.

We cook fresh products as well, such as fresh vegetables. When we cook vegetables we add a splash of oil. All fresh products have one thing in common, they have not been processed in any way. Given that, you may need to add a small amount of oil. The oil is only to give the product a colored surface, greater taste and visually make the food look more appetizing. A pro-tip is to use a spray bottle to easily apply a small amount of oil.

We test and develop cooking techniques with the LightFry device continuously.

We have noticed that some products perform better than others.

 High quality products normally perform better than low quality products. One reason for this is that low quality products usually contain more water which not only takes longer to cook (since the water needs to disappear to have a crispy result) but also gives a smaller outcome as a result of cooking. We recommend using products that contain a higher percentage of oil, you can easily check the table of content on the packaging. 


We believe that consistent results are extremely important since the customers expect great quality food each time. We have a great starting position because we use air instead of oil, air never goes bad! We want to avoid factors that can bring the quality down such as a dirty machine. After every single shift/day of cooking it is very important to use the automatic cleaning cycle to avoid build up. Another thing we need to stay on point with is the amount of product we cook in the specific program. If you choose a programme made for 600g of 6×6 mm fries, then that is what you should cook.


Have you noticed that a couple of French fries get stuck in the first batch you cook after the cleaning cycle? That is completely normal! The basket is super clean and has no oil residue. After you have cooked one portion of food items the next portions won’t stick as easily. 


It is possible to cook fresh vegetables as well. We have tried everything from corn on the cob, mushrooms, padrones, zucchini and other vegetables. These products come in different sizes, as you probably know. When we make a setting for example zucchini, it is important to remember that we chop the zucchini in 2,5cm x 2,5cm cubes. It is important to remember that fresh vegetables vary in sizes and the program is made for a specific size, therefore you have to remember that you might need to adjust the size of the fresh vegetables.

When we cook fragile products we adjust the rotation or turn the rotation completely off. A fragile product can be falafel or products that have breading that can fall off if we rotate too much.