The taste remains the same, most people can’t tell the difference between deep fat fried French fries and air fried French fries. Some people have told us that they like the air fried better because they have a nicer crisp as well as no old oil taste.

Up to 22 kg/ hour. From 150g to 2.5kg/batch.

There is up to 100% less oil and the final product contains up to 40-60% less calories than deep fat fried products.

No devastate of palm trees for palm oil, transport of oil or destruction of oil.

The cooking time varies from each product, batch size the thickness of the product, as well as the preference. Some countries like the result more crispy than other countries etc.
Example: 600 grams of French fries (6x6mm) in 3:50 – 4:20 minutes.

Yes, it is possible to reheat the food. If you know that you will have a busy lunch, uou can pre-make products in advance and reheat them just before serving. The reheating time is about 45 seconds.

You can install up to 30 pre-installed programs on the smart menu. We also have a quick menu where you can set 4 pre-installed products, normally restaurants would like to have a quick and easy option of their most sold products.

The Air Fry Technology is more advanced than the conventional oven. LightFry can control the cooking process more, we have three different cooking phases. Two steam phases and one crisp phase. In the steam phase LightFry cook the products thoroughly and in the crisp phase we control the direction of dry hot air at the same time as we remove the steam and moist. We can also adjust the rotation of the basket, if it shall rotate more often or not at all, this gives the products nice and even color. LightFry has 30 pre-programable programs, this way we can have perfect results each time.

Select the correct program, pull out the basket and load it with selected product. Close the chamber and press “cook” on the touch display, the countdown will begin. While the product is cooking you can do other tasks. Ten seconds before the product is ready the unit will beep, now you grab a canteen and prepare yourself for the automatic emptying. The unit will beep one more time, and the food is now ready to be emptied (wait until the screen show “pull out basket”). Perhaps salt the products, the food is now ready to be served!

LightFry has an integrated cleaning system with three different programs: short, medium and long. In the end of each shift, you remove the basket and the inside components of the LightFry, with a scraper you remove loose parts of food. After that you put all components back in and start the long cleaning cycle which goes on for four hours. Once the cleaning is on you can leave the restaurant and come back the next day to a 98% clean unit. The only parts you will need to wipe yourself are the sides that slide in of the basket as well as a tiny bit in the back of the basket where the water doesn’t reach.

There are three options when it comes to ventilation.
1) Under the built-in extractor hood
2) Standard hood, this we connect to a duct fan to achieve the best results.
3) Ventless hood, with a stand-alone hood you can air fry wherever you want. Suddenly everyone has the possibility to fry.

– Water connection, cold water
– Drain system
– Electric power

LightFry standard cooks up to 22kg/hour and LightFry High Capacity cooks with 15-20% faster.
The fan is more powerful in the High Capacity unit.

For single units: 10 working days. Order of multiple units: Upon request and written confirmation.

You should change the rubber list two-three times a year (depending on how much you cook with the LightFry). Your service partner should look at the unit every six months to prevent damage and once a year service/repair it (if needed). The machine is operated at high voltages and high currents, therefore the machine should be inspected, maintenance or repaired only by trained technicians. Always disconnect the unit from mains power before removing the machine side panels.
What is the cleaning chemical called? (Used in the automatic cleaning)
ECOLAB Mip SMX (recommended)

69cm x 88cm x 74cm (width x height x depth), weight 118 kg (standard unit).

Models 12E and 18HC
Power configuration 3x400v + N + PE
Total kW 16 kW
Maximum Current 24,8 A
Recommended external fuse 25 A.


Model 12U
Power configuration 3x220v + N + PE
Total kW 13 kW
Maximum Current 33 A
Recommended external fuse 50 A


Model 12EM
Power configuration 3x440v, no Neutral, 50-60Hz
Total kW 16 kW
Maximum Current 24,8 A
Recommended external fuse 25 A