Gain a better understanding

This is how LightFry works
- the commercial airfryer

The cooking/preparation process works with 3 main cycles-this is:

1. The steam phase

 This is the phase we cook the product thoroughly. With the high temperature, the water is released from the product itself. we don’t add any water to create steam into the machine when cooking.  

2. Rotation


The basket in the machine rotates at a speed of 5 revolutions per minute, which ensures that the products are evenly exposed to the hot dry air enabling uniform texture and color. The rotation can be adjusted depending on the product. When cooking delicate products we rotate less often, or don’t rotate at all. For example when heating a sandwich or other delicate/fragile breaded products.

3. High speed hot air
- The crisp phase


during this phase we work with extremely hot air to create the surface, crispness and 

color to the product.

We set the individual cooking program according to the desired result on the product. 

All this is done in a closed oven compartment to preserve the temperature, this means that there is no recovery time in-between batches.